Technology for a good cause- Waka Waka Solar Powered Charger

Waka Waka

The Waka Waka is a solar powered device that charges your batteries for any phone with a USB charger in under 2 hours, while still providing hours of solar light. The Waka Waka is the first solar product that cutegeek has reviewed that benefits a non-profit organization,the Waka Waka foundation.

WakaWaka’s story began in 2010, when future founders Maurits Groen and Camille van Gestel ran an active lobby to green the South Africa World Cup. Their design for an ultra-efficient LED lamp to replace millions of incandescent lamps won an international competition for emission-reduction ideas. Visiting South Africa one thing struck them very powerfully: namely, the number of South Africans who lived off the electricity grid and for which the wonderful invention was therefore useless.Partnering up with Intivation - market leader in solar power management - a solution was developed: A sturdy, highly efficient, sustainable, solar-powered LED lamp, affordable for those living on $2 per day.*

bottleWhen I first received the Waka Waka I have to admit it was larger then I expected but I did love the unique yellow case. I unboxed the Waka Waka, put it next to my window on a sunny day and waited for my iPhone to run low on batteries before testing it. After a couple hours I plugged in my phone using my USB cord and in less then 2 hours it was fully charged. I instantly thought how useful the Waka Waka would be for traveling, camping, or on race day at the Go Further with Ford event I will be attending in June.

The Waka Waka lamp has several different stand options including utilizing a bottle as a stand or suspending it by string.  The lamp has different light setting along with an SOS light signal in case of emergencies. The Waka Waka is available here for $79.99. What makes this product purchase more gratifying is it helps the Waka Waka Foundation make them available to off-grid communities around the world.

For more information about the Waka Waka foundation click here.