Website and Apps that make life easier ;-)

It’s Web Wednesday and I have a link and insights on Apps/ Websites that will help you in one way or anotherSmile.

glasses I just recently found out about Yes I am geek to the core; my vision is laughable so until I do laser surgery I invest in cute glasses. Check out and they have a 50% sale going on with limited days left. If you already have your prescription this is an easy way to stock up on some new summer glasses!moves

There is an app called Moves that I just found out about. Have you ever wondered the commute from point A to point B? Moves is a free app that records any walking, cycling and running plus shows when you commute on public transportation. The app is always on and will track your movements if it’s in your pocket or bag (or purse).

This app is also perfect when you may have left you card at a restaurant during a fun night; it’s the high tech version of retracing your steps. It truly is an automatic diary of your life if you will. It’s your daily trajectory and where you land throughout the day…I feel like my phone is stalking me but in a good waySmile.waze

Waze is an amazing GPS traffic and navigation app for commuting real time. It’s a community-based traffic and navigation app. Where you can join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road information like lane closures. For this app I recommend dashboard holders for your car since it’s to the minute and it’s just not safe fiddling with your phone while driving on the 101. Great App though! My only concern is what happens if your Waze buddies cut you off on the 101?