How to monitor your reputation on Google with Reputation Changer

Sign InSince the birth of Social Media your online Google reputation is becoming more and more important especially when applying for a job or if you’re a blogger like myself. The kind folks at Reputation Changer set up an interview for me with the President of Reputation Changer, Michael Zammuto, for a demo of the website which helps you moderate your potential online google threats. Currently Reputation Changer is rated the industry's #1 Online Reputation Management service by  Michael guided me through the website showing me the importance of each tab and how the dashboard worked. It was a brief call and I was curious to create my own account because it’s just not a proper review without me testing it out.

I logged on using my facebook account which only required my facebook log in and my phone number; no credit cards are needed to create a basic account.

Repu Changer Step 2It took me to step two to which you fill out a very short account information form again not using a credit card and move on to confirm. BTW, it only took less than a minute to create my account and I was on my way to monitor my online reputation.


Out of excitement I started on the dashboard tab immediately went to the reputation monitoring page. Rep AlertsI added key words that people would search under me; ie: my name, cutegeek, maiden name, twitter, and facebook. When I went back to the dashboard I had a nifty screen informing me of my Campaign Search Ranking including; threats via attack watch, a pie chart that shows the stats of how many times I’ve have been searched, related keywords to my reputation, a list of URLs that are pulled up with my name and lastly, reputation alerts.

Personal Dashboard

As you can see I am fortunate as of now I do not have any negative reputation on the first 3 pages of google. However if you notice on the list of URLs that come up when you search my key words there is one that I flagged red. This is letting them know this is not me and should not be pulled up in a google search.

The other tab I clicked on and find useful was the Social Media Management page. Through this tool you can manage your facebook, twitter, and linkedin reputation. After you choose which social media site you will be a directed to a page to authorize to use this app on facebook, twitter, or linkedin. I picked twitter and once authorized on this page you will be able to read tweets from your timeline, see who you follow plus follow new people,update your profile, post tweets for you, and access your direct messages.

Social MediaSocial Media Auth

The last option that I think is useful on this website is the auto complete which allows you to do a quick search under each of the keywords you have already added to your account and bring up a search for just that keyword.


I find this website not only useful for small businesses, bloggers and job seekers but also very easy to use. Account set up and ease of use on this website is very intuitive. Check out Reputation changer and clean up your online life reputation!