Spring forward with accessories for your iPhone and iPad

Spring devicesIt's that time again to spring forward and update your accessories with fun new colors not just PINK! Whether your celebrating Easter or Spring time here are some cool products to check out. I had the chance to review unique new colors of iPhone 5 cases, ear buds, special edition spring color think putty and Toddy cloth for your iPad and iPhones.

I love me some high quality ear buds. Wicked earbuds have been my favorite since CES 2009. I remember going to the both as a young cutegeeker drawn to their unique design but the sound quality has always been amazing especially the base ...if only I didn't break them all throughout the years.

JawbreakersWicked did a fabulous job on these Wicked Green Jawbreaker earbuds. Great green spring color with a mic incorporated flawlessly and makes you stand out from the "white cords" (you know what I'm talking about). You can get these from most online stores and run about $19.99.

Iduck 1

Rubber ducky you’re the one…you make bath time lots of fun. Oh to be a kid in this day and age. Thinkgeek.com has created a waterproof rubber ducky speaker for your mp3’s and FM radio called the iDuck. I didn’t get to review it but I think this is the cutest Easter gift for the wee cutegeeks. With the iDuck bath time will never be the same. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgV6iCx28lg&hl=en&hd=1]

All you do is plug your music device (with a 3.5mm headphone jack) into the egg and it transmits to the ducky speaker within a 10m range of your FM radio or your MP3s. It’s $29.99 and you can purchase it here. BUT the special surprise is this dorky guy on you tube doing a demo for the iDuck; pretty hilarious and maybe the laugh of my day. Too Goofy and

apparently this guy now has a geek girl following.

iphone casesLooking for some great spring iPhone 5 cases that will POP and also protect it from the infamous dropping…ID America has some cute spring cases in these vibrant colors and patterns that include; hard polycarbonate shell and soft rubber coating, sleek form factor, access to all switches plus access to all jacks and camera. They are also packaged with a clear screen protective film and microfiber cleaning cloth and run around $19.95 at the ID America website.

think puttyHow fun can you make cubical land?! Think Putty… It bounces and makes your mind think outside of the box and now with the two toned hyper colors...Sorry Nerf balls thinking putty may win the awesome item to have in your cub award.

I received a Toddy cloth and at first I wondered how many of our readers would use this? At the wedding I just attended in Austin I was cleaning up everyone's screens with the Toddy because pollen seems to coat everything on our mobile devices. toddyTo be honest for only $9.99 it’s a deal plus who likes finger prints on their phone or as I say “Who has pawed my iPhone?!”. Practical, fashionable and small;  I love it!

I am continuing to receive many cool gadgets and will be posting throughout the week. Stay tuned cutegeekers.