Happiness. Get it. Give it.

FRESHMARKETWORDS_fwmhap2xx_alt_1 Got happiness? Do you really? If you do - woohoo! Go give some away. It's free, contagious and fat-free, who would deny some? If you don't have some, go find some quickly!! Out of the many decisions you make today, I'll ask that you choose happiness. Choose happiness instead of an attitude, a criticism, or complaint. Choose happiness and hold on tight to it, as you start your day, and compile your to-do-lists. Just choose it over other feelings that aren't as cool to feel, like stress or anxiety - tell them they need to find their own day. Today is the first International Day of Happiness, as declared by the UN. It marks the beginning of an incredible, world-wide wave of information set to change the way we live, interact with others and work. I am personally extremely fascinated by the science of happiness because of all the extraordinary research available.

My unnatural sense of enthusiasm may annoy people in my life but did you know that being happy reduces stress, anxiety, illnesses, helps you live longer, etc. By being happier, not only you benefit, but your friend's friend's friend benefits (I hope I said that right Emma Seppala) from it. It really does ooze onto others, so go on, be happy. I dare you!

Being compassionate with one another is one way of increasing happiness. It's better to give, than to receive, actually has some truth to it. Charitable giving allows these feelings of euphoria to flourish. When you're happy - for example at work, you're more productive. If you don't know what this looks like think about someone you know who is always happy, yet never tired. Someone who goes into work on an early Sunday morning, more excited than anyone, because they enjoy the work that they are doing.

Being happy is an incredible thing. It's unfortunately overlooked and sometimes looked down upon - but you know what, who cares? If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands...actually, don't, instead high five the person closest to you or hug them, and smile at whoever else is in the room. If you're alone, still smile. Smile at yourself - you deserve it. Do it - you got nothing to lose...and lots to gain.