Easily Create an iPhone QR Code for your Resume- qrstuff.com

qrcode.11992986“Dude I got a resume with a QR code”…says my friend…Instantly I thought I can do this. We are in a green environment and it’s easier to have a QR code on your iPhone versus a paper version. I’m recently on the job market even though I write for cutegeek. I have a linkedin/ facebook/ twitter account in the San Francisco market; frankly you must make yourself unique and stand out here.

For job seekers out there making a QR reader shows initiative and tech savvy.

Since I’m in a competitive market I embedded http://www.qrstuff.com/edded my QR code on my resume.You can create a link from your social media outlets like linkedin  or create a wordpress.

Once your create the QR code you can save it on your PC/MAC and insert your unique QR reader to any document or email.

I want my readers to know the site qrstuff.com makes creating a unique QR code easy. Let’s keep indulging on new technology!