National Plan a Solo Vacation Day

I wish I were kidding, but it's apparently that kind of day and when in Rome, you do as the Romans. Similar to National Unplugging Day - this one is quite new to me. I actually never heard of it but have participated in solo vacations (not only a day) and it's pretty liberating. Like disconnecting from technology, disconnecting from breathing things is also nice. It lets you listen to that little voice in your head and enjoy your own company.

There are many cities that make traveling solo super easy - like the wonderful city of New York. There are so many museums, shops and parks to visit, that you can easily spend the day roaming the streets (alone) and still have a great time.

FinderCodes has developed a list of 5 things to keep you safe and entertained... 1. disconnect (yay to unplugging) 2. create a new memory - try something new. something you've never done before 3. act like a local - go to where they go, eat where they eat (it's usually better taste/less pricey) 4. don't become a swipe ninja - don't pay or charge things you may not need to pay full amount for. use yipit to search for deals, google free stuff to do 5. stay ready so you don't have to get ready - no one likes planning for disaster but its good to be informed and alert. carry extra copies of important identifications. take a copy and email it to yourself - you never know what could happen. don't travel to dark places, with no signs of human life - its just common sense. if no one is there, why should you be? share all the details of your trip w/ a loved one - just as an 'FYI'

I love booking hotels on, car rentals using and because it consolidates all of those deals websites. Happy 'solo vacation day' planning!