Happy National Day of Unplugging

TRI_022713_NationalDayOfUnpluggingLooks like we share a birthday with this awesome cause! They're exactly 4 years strong and have been striving to remind us all about the importance of unplugging. How many times do you recall 'disconnecting from life' and by that I mean anything that vibrates, rings, needs to be plugged and doesn't breathe. I personally need to do this every so often and I look forward to it.

Ever had a 'stay-cation' where it's just you, a book and a turned off cell phone? I have and it's wonderful. Try it or go to NationalDayofUnplugging.com to learn more.

Need some tips on how to disengage? Read more here, thanks to TheDailyBeast.com

GeneralNina Pena