Happy Birthday CuteGeek!

happy-birthday-ornament-backgrounds-wallpapersIt's our 4th birthday & we're so happy you're celebrating with us :) Four years ago, we embarked on a mission - a critical mission. Our mission was to bring the female perspective on technology to the world. We had to expose the immense buying power we have, while exhibiting the many hats we wear. We've tried showing careers in technology awesome women have, and hope it inspires many more females to pursue futures in technology.

Like any other 4 year old, we have a lot of growing and learning to do, but we're motivated and excited about the future. We're planning on adding some dynamic writers, featuring more product reviews, and writing about some of the wonderful things happening in our world - thanks to some courageous women.

Look out for more. I'm back :)

BTW - happy anniversary to the man who believed in me, even when I pouted at a press meeting at CES for being ignored. Thanks for being an awesome partner Michael Reyes - I hope CuteGeek.com continues to grow in the world of tech/women, and our hearts :)

me and mike

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