Best Geeky Valentines Gift Ever

mkOne day Marco saw that one of my SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals on my Ubling pink case  was missing! I was crushed! I went back to my older cases and it just didn’t seem right. I felt like I had a rock in my shoe but it was my iPhone case.

For Valentines day after my week long EPIC disappointment of all cases…Marco got me this and well it’s just my style and matches my MK goulashes, MK scent and MK purse. AHH my life is now complete with my Michael Kors Case and its only 38.00 on!! I’m not spoiled; I’m a bargain shopperSmile!

Honestly it has no crystals which is nice because I believe there is an epic war going on in the make up department of my purse…RIP Mascara you promised long lashes and for your brief life span I still don't have longer eyes lashes therefore to the perfumes roller balls wins. 

Regardless of my purse wars this case has already went to the battle zone and still looks magnificent. It does help I’m rockin the ZNitro glass screen protector…This case may be Nina Certified.