Tech at a Concert- Attended Musiq Soul Child Love Affair Concert

musiqWe all know I’m a geek and sometimes I can’t help being outspoken when I see technology fail. Certainly not in a vulgar way more so “Why do you think your current technology failed?” kinda way. I don’t judge I’m still on a PC slowly migrating to Mac. For Valentine’s day two blocks from mi casa is the great Love Affair Concert at the Warfield (if you haven’t seen a concert at the Warfield you haven’t lived). The show included Donell Jones, Teedra Moses and my man Musiq Soul Child.

What was interesting about the technology on this concert is some artist used Macs for their music and some used traditional turn tables.For Musiq Soul Child’s encore they had a small technical issue to which Musiq Soul Child played off well on stage but for us geeks I knew what was going on. Technology is made by humans and well we aren't perfect…though we trySmile.


When I had the awesome opportunity to meet Musiq Soul Child my big mouth spits out…”So what happened there on stage with your technology”…of all things to say I say this…Why Nina?  He simply replied with technical issues with the Mac in such a kind manor I felt bad asking.

I know most artist use Mac’s for their technology needs in concert but I am definitely intrigued if other artist don’t use Mac’s and gasp…use PC’s?!

Boys to men and NKOTB are coming to the HP Pavilion in the bay area. What technology will these bands use? I’m dying to know and need my supporters to let these bands know I mean Technology!

Coincidentally this concert happens on my birthday week in July but I fully plan to post during the concertSmile!!!

Lets get this cutegeeker backstage to see whats really going on technology wise.