Favorite Product of Macworld- zNitro glass screen- Nina Certified

I live 3 blocks from the Moscone Convention Center where Macworld is held therefore I was aware of the Macworld geek invasion to my neighborhood and fully embraced itSmile. Geeks Unite!

My favorite product from Macworld and for good reason is the Nitro Glass (formally known as “clear protector”) which is is a tempered glass screen protector that’s hammer tested. The booth did get allot of attention since they had a Robot dancing on their Nitro glass screen iPad doing Gangnam Style.

The great people at the zNitro booth gave me a Nitro screen for my iPhone to test out and it is amazing. I don’t know how many people I run into with cracked screens and this is a great solution for those out there like me. We don’t intentionally drop our phones…it just happensSmile.

I personally drop my iPhone at least once a day if not more and so far this product rocks…I haven’t cracked it yet.

As a true geek I asked pals to see if they could see a difference versus their iPhone and besides the weight difference most said the screen was sharper then their screen.

The zNitro case is only $39.99 USD and for the amount of time we spend on our iPhones it’s worth the investment!

More Macworld product reviews to follow…stay tuned!