Macworld/ iWorld 2013- Ashton and Josh on Jobs Movie

Gad_Kutcher I had the unique opportunity to attend the interview at Macworld with Ashton and Josh on the Jobs movie for cutegeek coming soon to theaters in April.

What I loved about the interview is that Ashton did his homework on Steve Jobs plus he is an engineer so he had a good understanding of the character Steve Jobs. The poor guy even went on the all Fruitarian diet that was a staple in Job’s diet and ended up sick in the hospital.

Josh Gad was hilarious and a comedian on stage for 9:00am; I loved it. I also found it funny Woz’s complaint to Josh on the movie was on his wardrobe…really of all things?

Regardless most think Ashton was a wrong fit for this movie but he does have a good understanding of technology…for an actor that is.

Below is the trailer…