Interested in Social Good - Check Out StartingBloc

Last September I had the honor to attend most of the session's at Mashable's Social Good Summit. I was flabbergasted when I learned of all the ways we were using technology but at the same time felt there was more to be done. I left inspired. All of the discussions throughout the event were centered around innovative thinking and technology, and how we can use it to solve our greatest challenges and then it clicked. Lots of things clicked, and fell into place. I realized this was less than an idea, but more of a revolution, or a shifting of our ideas and then I learned about StartingBloc. There are apparently many people interested in doing good, and this wonderful organization is preparing them. StartingBloc is a non-profit organization that prepares groups on creating value by doing good. There is a 5 day institute that exposes their fellows to tools, resources, and partners and eventually connects them to a close-knit global community of social innovators already making an impact.

Each group takes place in one of three locations in the states - Los Angeles, New York and Boston. The next institute takes place in February (LA) and the New York one in June. I will be attending the one in February - thankfully, but no worries there is still time to apply to the NYC one (deadline is January 15).

Many of us wait for today to set goals and plan out the year ahead of us. Don't let your dreams or ideas go away - turn them into something - StartingBloc can help.

If you have any questions about the application, contact me at

Happy New Year!