Start Your New Year Right

Today, December 31st, many of us are thinking about the same thing - what am I wearing tonight? :) After those deliberations are over, we start thinking about this year finally coming to an end and how we're going to start the new one, making sure its better than the last. We become hopeless romantics and start daydreaming all the great things we can accomplish in the new year like running on the beach with 6 pack abs, or eating calorie less strawberry shortcake, or buying a smart phone under $200 without extending your contract. How can we start the new year right? Jullien Gordon, a North Star in my life who guides me from afar, agrees - we should be thinking about those things but we should be thinking about them in a different way. He's developed a New Year's guide I believe is worth sharing. The guide has nine driving questions to help you set and keep goals. It reminds us of our achievements, things to be thankful for, as well as divides our goals into various areas in our lives (family, professional, financial goals, etc.). My favorite part is that it allows us to redefine success. How many of us are living our lives according to someone else's definition or guidelines of success. I was for quite some time, and boy has life gotten better since then! We're all ambitious the last week in December and first couple of weeks in January, but many of us, like myself, easily get lost in the routine of life and forget about all of my desires set forth in the disguise of a resolution.

Let's make this new year our best yet. To learn more about Jullien Gordon, a Stanford Graduate School of Business graduate, visit his website and don't forget to download his FREE special New Year's guide. Share with friends and family. I plan on having a goal-setting party with friends so that we can hold each other accountable and figure out who best can assist one another in reaching out goals. Let's start a trend... wishes all of our readers a year full of exceeded expectations and blessings, long lasting battery lives, great health, unbreakable phone screens, a fulfilling job, no dropped calls, surpassed goals, unexpected savings when shopping online and off, smiles from strangers, free apps, opportunities that develop you as a person and leader, waterproof cases or bags that do as promised, random displays of appreciation, on-time meetings, no blue screens of death, an indestructible sense of self, and a peace of mind.