Favorite Website of the Week: IndieGoGo.com

Today I used IndieGogo.com for the first time. IndieGogo.com is a platform for people to use to raise money. Entrepreneur's use it to launch their concepts, runners use it to fund their races and I'm using it to hopefully pay for a fellowship I recently got selected to participate in. It is very easy to create a campaign and there are no application fees or wait times to go 'live'. I submitted my fundraising page in less than an hour, and was guided through the process by hints and checklists. If you're wondering how Indiegogo.com makes money, its through charging a percentage of the fees collected. The fees vary from 4-9%, or if you're non-profit. After comparing Indiegogo.com to other competitive sites, I came to the realization that it was the cheapest to use. If you are associated with a non-profit, the fees are even cheaper, which is very nice. The pages have tools you can use for sharing and highlight your specific cause if you start getting funded within the first two days of creating the page. If you need to raise money for something, consider using IndieGogo. They allow you to use your creativity and run with any idea. I'll be posting a video later this week, and maybe I'll add some more perks.

Check out the page I created for my StartingBloc Fellowship in Los Angeles. Feel free to browse through different pages and check out what projects you can help bring to life.