Cool websites that have helped this holiday season…

As we apparently near the end of the world per the Mayan’s 12/21/12 theory I have noticed all of us are on a mad rush of getting our loved ones gifts or crafting your perfect holiday card. OK I love b/c this year I used the print from iPhone feature and designed our very own holiday card for same day pick up at the store in less then 2 hours? WHAT?! I like using the collage feature and the fact you can shuffle your photo’s around to create the perfect collage for the family! If your like me who enjoys being original and think outside the box do the photo shuffle for your collage. Create unique cards for everyone!

This year I am spending the holidays with my cousins in LA; I’m not sure who is more scared…the dogs, LA or anyone involved in this family reunion of smarty pantalones. I already know what to get my cousins but for those who did a secret Santa or secret snow flake we used the drawing names website. I asked for a cartwheel from my cousin Eloy.

For the foodie I found this site and loved the Joyus Bay Area Artisan Foods Gift Assortment; and shipping is free! Perfect to send to family if your living in the bay area looking for something unique.

BEER ME! I should copy write this quote. Everyone one has a beer lover in their family and is a really cool website for beer gift baskets….because the only way we can make beer classy is putting it in a basket…LOL! All joking aside the website quote is “wanted: all beer connoisseurs.”

I have yet to hear someone say they hate bacon and this is an awesome gift for those that needs more bacon in their life; a bacon gift basket from

Fashionista’s I am screwed; I got BEBE text alerts (fits nicely with my USA Today updates); if you’re a bebe girl then sign up to be included on the list! I have had some major findings from this. It’s more embarrassing walking into the glass door at the store after getting alerted…I will forever be a klutz.

Silly stocking stuffer alert; Crazy Aaron’s limited addition holiday colors putty at I was sent this to review. I’m not a putty person but I could see this being fun in the office or just because.

I honestly think the cutest thing is making someone an iPhone case on Ubling. I continue to stand behind Ubling and love the online app. I feel old saying this but back in my day we made mixed tapes for our crushes…my how times have changed. They have cases you can design for your iPhone 5 that are now available.

As I continue to stumble upon great gift ideas I will keep you cutegeekers in the know.