Santa Baby…more cutegeek gift guide

That’s right; we all need to hint around on our present or ornaments hopes…Some people prefer to give wish lists on which is helpful but I am the creative type! I don’t go by lists; too predictable…I love the element of surprise and hot chicks in the roller derby…call me old fashioned! So geeks buying for cutegeeks here are some great gift ideas:

SkatesRoller Skates:

I was on Embarcadero and saw a few folks in some Chicago roller skates from which has been servicing the SF bay area since 1975. started as Skates On Haight that sold skateboards and rented out roller skates to the general public. NOW they are and when I checked out the site I was not only impressed by the variety but in LOVE!

“Dear Santa: Can I have some new Sure-Grip 70s Super Motion Outdoor Roller Skates? I think I have been a good girl and they are only $169.99!? Hmm?! Maybe?”

SwatchThe variety of roller skates is stellar; from beginners to pro’s at they have everything.  I don’t ice skate b/c frankly my family would have to take a loan out for my hospital expenses (I’m that clumsy)…however for those that are full of grace has an amazing selection for you as well! Online purchasing tip; there are allot of skates on sale under the skates outlet tab.

Watch geek:

I’m a child of the 80’s; Swatch is almost programmed in our head as the personalized brand to have back in the day. I was wrong to assume Swatch was outdated…Skin is the thinnest collection of Swatch watches ever made with 3.9mm thickness.. The color selection is pretty cool and I must give it to them for continuing to innovate…and wait for it…Swatch has a pretty affordable touch watch; crazy right?! I love all the different patterns and color choices.

Nike-FuelBand-WM0105_001_AFor those on the New Years resolution band wagon I suggest the Nike+Fuelband which retails for $149.99. It helps you track your daily activity, set goals and sync with your PC and Pals to compare goals. It is now available in different colors as of this holiday season!



Beauty on the go:

SephoraI’ve been travelling allot lately and the one stand by besides my electronic eyelash curler is The Sephora Breast Cancer Awareness Makeup Palette. Yes, I know it’s not an electronic or digital gadget but hell mine as well be because it is EVERYTHING you need on the go all in a small box that reminds me of transformers…but for make up. I have had several other brands with similar features and ladies this is the most durable! The best part is that this collection supports Breast Cancer Awareness and it’s only $25.00!

The Gift of TECH SHOP:

For those of us who are limited on space, lack tools, innovators or banned to use tools in their current location. The gift of the TECH Shop is a geeks paradise but pricy so make sure your investing in the right geekSmile. They have everything you need for creating your next big project without purchasing all the equipment.


1 Month Unlimited access to TechShop facilities- $175.00 1 Month Family Add-On Membership- $50.00

Dorky confession:

I love the new city Target and their stocking stuffers; silly but inexpensive for those going to white elephant parties!

I hope to update my geeks more with new findings of great gadgets before the holidays but as always send suggestions to