Holiday Gifts Ideas for the Cutegeek in your life!

I missed black Friday and cyber Monday due to the flu however you can still find black Friday and cyber Monday online deals here. I decided to take it to the streets of SF to find great ideas for my cutegeekers and geeks.

Below I compiled a list of really cool things for women for all ages and also for the tech cutegeek in us all.

Fashion on the Go:

Who loves them some Michael Kors? The newly released Michael Kors Exclusive iPhone 5 Ostrich-Embossed Clutch Case in red is beautiful!  I am told going directly to one of the Michael Kors store may be your best bet. It provides enough space for the your iPhone 5 including cutouts for your phone, sync/ charge port opening and card holders. This currently retails for $79.95.

I also checked out Juicy Couture who has a variety of tech wristlets but my favorite was the Quilted Velour Tech Wristlet which is on sale for $49.99. Juicy also has some great fashionable tech accessories and we all know I love me some accessories! Some cool stuff to add to your wristlet purchase that I thought were cute were the Texting Glove & Gelli Case iPhone 4 4/S Set, Faux Fur Ear Muff Headphones and the Glitter Earbuds with Case for iPhone gift set.

For the Hello Kitty Fan:

I have fallen into the Hello Kitty Sanrio brand because of my niece Journey; no I am not sporting it myself (bit old for that, LMAO). I found (like you are shocked) Hello Kitty iPhone Earphones- White Dot Ribbon Collection with a mic that are new to the store and retail for $25.00. I was told by one of the store sales folks that the accessory to buy for Hello Kitty fans is the whole face Lounge Fly bag that retails for $80.00 and the Hello Kitty Vans which come in a variety of different styles. Want your gadget Hello Kitty personalized? On the Hello Kitty website they have a custom shop for you to design and customize your very own unique case.

Calling all Chef’s and Mixologist:

Am I the only one that loves Sur La Table? Even just saying the name is fun and makes me feel like I’m a chef. The first gift idea I found cool was The Smoking Gun Hand-Held Food Smoker for $99.95. This nifty kitchen gadget allows you to smoke your meal before or after cooking by loading gun with wood chips, lighting it and blowing smoke into a covered container then BOOM your food or beverage now has a nice smoky flavor!

Apparently the SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water & Soda Maker in Red that goes for $179.95 is a big seller. One of the sales folks I was talking with said they love it simply for sparkling water and cocktail mixers. In an effort to be green and for all that like to be green I think the SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water & Soda Maker is an awesome gift; one that keeps giving day in and day out!

The sales associate also pointed me to the Sur La Table® Digital Candy Thermometer which is a pretty neat and inexpensive gadget for all it can do pricing at only $24.95. It can be used for candy making and deep frying- best of both worlds in my opinion!

A gadget for the family with no patio (that would be meSad smile) is the Breville Smart Grill that runs around 299.95. This versatile indoor grill converts from an open faced to a close faced grill that for dishes like panini’s, burgers, delicate fish, and steak with easy dishwasher safe clean up! NICE!

For the Starbuck’s junky…that’s right I’m talking to YOU…Now you can be closet Starbucks drinkers without going to Starbucks with the new Verismo™ 585 System by Starbucks that retails for $299.00.


There are Starbuck’s people and then there are Illy people. I am rather infatuated with the Francis Francis IX7.1 Iperespresso and had a demo to test it out. Similar to most makers now-a-days it uses Illy Capsulesbut not like every maker in than 30 seconds you have an authentic Italian espresso. My video proves in 30 seconds you have FABULOUS Espresso! I think I want this toy the most and retails for only $295.00.

Buying for someone who likes tea and enjoys to drink adult beverages? The David’s Tea Cocktail collection is the perfect gift! It comes with 5 teas with recipes on how to make each cocktail for each tea. I personally never thought to mix the two so I think this is a cool gift and rather unique versus a bottle of wine plus it’s only 25.50!

Rather you have been naughty (I plead the 5th) or nice these are some great gadgets to either ask Santa for or that cutegeek in your life. As the holiday approaches I will continue to post unique gift ideas so continue to check back on cutegeek.

Have fun shopping cutegeekers! I am off to the mall to find more unique presents!