Happy 1st International Day of the Girl

10.11.12 marks a very special place in history. While women have come a long way, now its time to make way for our young girls. There are many unaddressed issues that negatively impact young girls - like being forced into marriage before even experiencing their teenage years, becoming a mother against your desire, dying from complicated births, stereotypes, all sorts of discrimination, etc.

I could go on forever and mention numerous things that I myself have experienced, or could just go back to why today is a special day...Let's talk about today.

Today, a global movement was born. Today marks the day when girl's rights become a global agenda item. The goal is to advocate, educate and promote equality in the world for all girls. As a Latina who works in a non-traditional industry, who likes tech, I strongly believe today was a day the world needed. I wish it started when I was a girl because maybe there would be more women in tech, but who knows what this industry will look like in a couple of years. I hope this day, and the many conversations that come from today are able to bring greater awareness to factors that negatively impact the development of young girls. Can you think of ways of supporting a girl in your life?

Check out the Day of the Girl Proclamation Project Toolkit!

Check out the 'Because I am a Girl' campaign - it also launched today in support of this great day in history.

It's not too late to get involved - raise your hand if you want to help - literally!

GeneralNina Pena