Review: Nina’s new fav battery operated toy…Sephora’s Professional Heated Lash Curler

Eye lash Curler

After several years of using the manual eye lash curler (what now seems archaic) I purchased the Professional Lash Curler from Sephora for a only $16.00. It is designed to be used after mascara application however I use it before and after to max my lashes (Nina Secret Beauty). The first question I asked was will this fry my lashes (similar to a curling iron) the Sephora sales person said no. Due to the coils and the temperature it will not however if you have fake eye lashes from what I have read it will not work on them.

Before CurlExcited to try out my new battery operated toy I rushed home to test this little guy out. For an honest review I tested this on myself and did before and after pictures for our cutegeek beauty fans out there! For the record I did have a natural eye shadow on and obviously eyeliner before applying mascara BUT real bare eyelashes.

Appliying CurlerI simply turned it on, waited 15 seconds, placed the curler directly onto lash line above lashes, and began to shape (similar to using a mascara brush). I held it for a couple seconds and released. I repeated a couple times because I have a crap load of stubborn eyelashes who refuse to curl.

OK to be fair I didn’t read the instructions that you use it after mascara application. So I did it before and after application and let me tell you ladies that makes ALL the difference. I’m not sure your suppose to or if it is safe (especially those with sensitive eyelashes). I have done both processes for a month and so far no eyelashes lost nor burnt! The curler takes AAA batteries and one thing to note is to always turn it off because the battery life on this isn’t that long. That was a lesson I learned after leaving it on all day. Below are the final results and you can definitely tell a difference in lashes and how it also enhances your eye shape.  Guess which eye?

After Mascara

                            <p>If you guessed right then you are correct. If your looking for a curler for your stubborn lashes and over the archaic curler the <a href="">Professional Heated Lash Curler from Sephora</a> will be your new best friend. I love it so much I take it every where and so far it is truly <a href="">Nina certified.</a> Enjoy ladies- your welcome!