Microsoft Shocks us with Hotmail Replacement

Yesterday Microsoft took the email world by storm, and shocked us with a replacement for Hotmail. looks similar to the Outlook Application in the 2013 version of Office which is currently in beta, but it MAKES Gmail look like something from 1999. What?? I quickly created an account with and was able to snatch up my first name as an email which I think is pretty sweet. If you hurry you may be able to get your name. If you have a, or your current email will work with Since I created my account yesterday I have been testing it out, and I am really impressed. The user interface is super easy to understand and very easy to navigate. You can also customize the look and feel of easily.

Similar to, Microsoft is placing ads on the right side of your emails, but they are less intrusive than Gmail. Outlook also offers more privacy than Google does. Microsoft wants to be used to quickly connect with your friends and family, while integrating all the services we love.

I encourage you all to try out, or if you have a,, or email simply login and experience the new interface, I am sure you will love it. Check out the screen shot below.