Best $5 I spent- Tech & Go

IMG_2929I recently went to Texas for a family emergency and though I charge my iPhone on the regular traveling back and forth between two cities will drain the battery when using Pandora 1. I left San Francisco so sudden I left my car charger and was in dyer need of juice for my iPhone.

I went to Walgreens after hearing I could get an inexpensive adaptor utilizing my USB plug. Little did I know that for only $5.00 you can get the Tech &Go USB adaptable car charger. Embarrassingly I went to the cashier and said “This is awesome and for $5.00? I feel like I should pay you for this (granted I was a a tad delirious given my family emergency).” 

When I brought over to my friends house their first question was did you have to get pink…why yes…yes I did! If your on the go and running out of juice on your phone this Tech &Go little guy is not only inexpensive but it does the trick.