Fifty Shades of Tech

Yes - technology. Whoever hasn't purchased Fifty Shades of Grey, read the free downloadable PDF version, or used their friend's kindle/nook password to read the one they bought is missing out. Not missing out on like having an extraordinary life or anything - because I'm sure you all are already having that, but you need to experience it. Many folks would not have been able to experience it though, especially because they were sold out or selling out quicker than they could be replaced - so thanks TECH for making this all happen!

I wasn't one of the early adopters - I didn't run to the stands, or wasn't the trend setter behind people reading the book on NYC's public transportation. I'm okay with that. I needed more than just sex and had my thoughts on who the audience of this book would be, considering the main topic.
I read it though, because a reader today is a leader tomorrow. I wanted to experience for myself what this book possessed that made non-readers, into readers, marathon readers at that! People were finishing this trilogy in guiness book breaking times. SO I read it.

My life didn't change, surprisingly enough. But the book has caused a huge uproar in the world - yes, the world and I am so happy to be a witness to it.

Because of this book: 1. People are having sex (I want to act surprised, but I can't, because I'm not) 2. People are reading (This I am happy about) 3. People understand how easy and quick email is (That's if they are not using it) 4. People are open to new things (Like that Mac she uses in the book - now I want one) 5. Women (and I think men) are embracing non-Vanilla activities (this is quite funny to me, but also excitied - yay to whips! and toys! and red!) 6. Women and men are exponentially increaing their levels of confidence after realizing poor writing can make you millions, and that they were always creative, after realizing they had cooler scenes in their own lives, than in the book (oh wait, was that only me?) 7. Fifty Shades of Grey has become the new IT topic - not information technology, the IT topic 8. Hotels are replacing the bible with Fifty Shades of Grey (I wish I made this up - but I didn't) 9. Fifty Shades of Grey experiences are now available - check them out! Here is more info on Fifty Shades inspired vacations. If you're still not convinced, Minna Life, the company behind some of the packages has more details here. 10. Tech companies are responding too & I'm sure many more will jump on the madness. Here is one example, of 'Steel' an adult short inspired by the book (thanks Minna!!).

I'd like to personally thank Minna Life - the company who made some of these packages and information available to me. BTW - they are all about control, so if thats something you liked about Christian Grey, then check them out, you will not be disappointed. I'd also like to thank (as if I'm receiving an award of some sort) that random guy on the train, who encouraged me to read the book, after I asked him if it was "Really that good". I'd also like to thank EL James for proving to the world that 1. sex sells, 2. common sense is not so common, and 3. for making it now 'okay' for creativity and intimacy to exist in the bedroom (there is a lot of sarcasm sprinkled here, I hope you got it).

I don't agree with his recommendation 100%, but like I mentioned above, a reader today, a leader tomorrow. I hope everyone continues to read, companies start responding with all sorts of cool stuff (like grey tech - although I think we're all tired of it by now. My first computer in 1994, by Hewitt Packward, was the coolest shade of grey ever. FYI), and lastly, I hope it continues to inspire all sorts of creative juices from everyone.

Awesome art by Christina Ung