Go Further with FORD day 3

BEST SPRINTDay 3 was racing day. Many of my friends were nervous of me racing cars on the FORD race track after experiencing my driving but I think it’s improved. Some said go to Malibu race track and I just nodded and smiled. I’m from Texas land of sleet, black ice, tornados, hail, and I-35- I GOT THIS! Our first station was a relay race which I jokingly said “oh crap if there is a baton I am screwed” and there it was. DANG IT! I knew Mike knew cars so we decided to rely on his driving skills and my technology skills. I did the call from the car, Mike used the Escape auto parallel park and I did the hands free release for the Escape trunk. Both didn’t work to our favor because we didn’t win but Mike and I had the best sprint.

Helmet MikeOur next experience was the FORD F150 Short Hill Decent utilizing no pedals which will do the breaking for us and ease into the decent.

We had to wear these funny helmets that Mike from technobuffalofashionably posed for and I don’t know what you call those head beanies.

I was forewarned there would be some whoop whoops. I cursed in this sorry kiddos (PG-13?).



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpHMGMXZR3E&hl=en&hd=1]

The FORD experience was amazing and I learned allot more of the FORD brand. FORD’s initiatives on design, innovation and eco-psychology truly make me think differently of FORD but also how can we make a difference globally and ecologically.