Go Further w/ Ford Day 2

Go FurtherOn day 2 at FORD I had the pleasure of meeting Mike from Technobuffalo and Jeffrey from geekazine. We named ourselves the three stooges and I spent my day with these guys. Definitely check out their site as they had better camera equipment than I. Another PIC (partner in crime) is Jo from clickflick.ca who helped snag some key shots I didn’t get.

We had 4 trend sessions color coded by our badge and we just had to follow the giant lollipop with our color to the next location.

FORD Sessions based on my Survey:

Session 1: Streamline and Simplify session with speakers John Hendricks from Microsoft and Gary Clayton from Nuance communication.

Gary is a San Francisco native who understands the commute from the city to Silicon Valley via 101. I loved Gary’s remark about the Dick Tracy watch. I related to him the most because I had that commute for 2 years and frankly if I could have someone think for me or go on autopilot I would (try being stuck in traffic during Giants or 49s games).

Biometric seatsI had the opportunity to speak with John Hendricks after the session and quite a unique person. He speaks to the demographic by saying technology wise we just want to turn it on and function.

During this Session we also got to check out the FORD Biometric seats and how it can impact your driving capability. It can transform speech from touch or gesture. If your about to change lanes and there is someone in your blindside their current navigation can notify you.

I had the great pleasure of seeing Mike and Jeffrey test out the biometric seat and almost hyperventilate.

LifestyleSession 2: Age of Accessible Design was next on my trajectory. Christian Siriano from Project Runway was one of the panelist and most intriguing. I also thought Gretchen Gscheidle (from Herman Miller) insight on design was nice; I always love other perspectives.

After the panel the 3 stooges moseyed on over to check out the design of FORDs. I can’t say we were on our best behavior but we tried. We weren’t allowed to take pictures.

Test Drive simulatorsound demoIt was interesting to see how a car is conceptualized from clay then to fiber glass before it is designed in sheet metal. They showed us how they use clay to first etch the model- they should etch NINA on that hood! Happy Birthday me!

We also had the opportunity to try the user experience of SYNC technology in the FORD facilities. We had the opportunity to experience the sound Virtual Vehicle Sound Simulator that will analyze the sound inside the vehicle.

Session 3: Eco-Psychology- I WAS A BAD KID!

For the record this was after lunch and 2 red bulls in plus I’m hyperactive and loud…sorry FORD. I was a giggling the entire time. Too much caffeine, great company plus my imagination.

Ford Further EventAdrian Grenier was one of the speakers at this session. He is the co-founder of SHFT.COM and you may know him from Entourage. He believes in a sustainability lifestyle platform. Key take back I got from his session was that before we were able to get ecological friendly cars from FORD we had no options in the US. the FORD Escape changed the Hybrid trajectory for the US.  

Recycling to me is second nature; I live in a city where we have no space. I recall being on the Plastiki demo on the bay and realizing what an empty plastic FORD SOYbottle of water can do or impact nature. The great garbage field in the Pacific Ocean still baffles me that we don’t have a more inventive way of recycling.

The Wind tunnel was the best and of course my iPhone craps out right in the middle of the demo. Visualizing the how the fog goes over the lines of the car and the aerodynamics were fascinating. Jo from www.clickflick.ca may have some better pictures from that demo.

Most importantly was learning about how much soy is utilized in the creation of FORD vehicles. A little bean with such magical environmental powers.

Session 4 and last trend session of the day: URBANIZATION

I live in DT San Francisco and live in a building that has zip cars ready to use at all times. I appreciate the zip car and it truly does cut down on traffic jams. Formally from Texas and drove SUVs with a 6 or 8 cylinder engine now living in San Francisco where I appreciate public transportation and zip cars.

There was an interesting conversation about my generation who prefers to live in urban environments and base their life choices on location. We are smart savvy people who know how to live, of course we will migrate to urban lifestyle.


FORD DIYAfter the sessions we had dinner and explored Techshop. HOLY CRAP! These people get paid to work there?!

I made a mug, a bag, threw lights at the ceiling and etched some metal jewelry but MOST importantly I made some amazing friends there.

I hope to visit the Techshop office in San Francisco soon!