First Day with Go Further with Ford

Go Further I just returned from the Go Further with Ford event in Detroit. My first day there we checked in and we were off to a dinner at Ford Field with Bill Ford as the Keynote Speaker. On my way there I sat next to Albert from Ford who educated me on all the new features and features I didn’t know Ford vehicles had like hands free perpendicular parking, traffic jam and blind spot assistance with the BLIS® with Cross-Traffic Alert.

Ford Field 2012 Bill ford Keynote

Ford Field was built using incorporating the old Hudson's Warehouse with vast natural skylights unlike most stadium. It was a beautiful park and is an environmental friendly stadium. Ford message boardBill’s keynote proved how innovative he is with his environmental contributions with the Ford Escape Hybrid, the worlds first Hybrid SUV. He continues his environmental efforts by using recycled materials and soy beans on Fords. I learned that Henry Ford created an car made of soy beans and as of today Ford’s are made with 85% recycled materials. Bill Ford also has a great understanding of today’s technology and incorporating it into Ford vehicles that will ensure utilizing technology does not impact customers safety. During the keynote this lady captured notes in a very creative way.

Ford field touch downAfter the keynote we were allowed to roam the stadium and kick field goals on the field. Then we were invited to the Ford lounge at the hotel where we got to meet several Ford employees and their PR teams.

Good times! Stay tuned for day 2 and day 3 cutegeekers!