Favorite Website of the Week: HeyItsFree.net

Yes - it's exactly what it sounds like - FREE stuff, hundreds of free trials and offers. When I come across sites like HeyItsFree.net, it reminds me of all the great gems scattered around us, that we just don't take advantage of. Actually, what it really reminds me of is FastWeb.com and the plethora of scholarships that I did NOT apply for when going for my undergraduate degree.

Taking advantage of coupons, free deals, etc. doesn't mean you're cheap, poor, or any other words with potentially negative connotations. If you take advantage of these opportunities, yes, they are opportunities, you are doing yourself some good by saving money, getting things you may need, and learning about new products and things out there.

Freebies are a very effective way of companies and people advertising and getting the word out on something so go on and support - take advantage! Check the site out :)