Radiris from cutegeek and Michael from hardwaregeeks have had the opportunity to test out fords; in fact Michael went to this event last year. They decided it was time they send an OG blogger of cutegeek out to write about the Further with FORD Experience event in…wait for it…Detroit. I’ve never been but apparently it is hot so I do not need my San Francisco staple of scarfs and layers.

Last year Michael Reyes got to drag race and I am guessing from the agenda that I will be doing the same on Thursday. Though this southern girl can’t stray from heals I do have my racing outfit picked out including racing tennies. To be honest if I can just experience the self parking option I would be happy. Till this day I still cannot parallel park or back up…so racing should be a unique experienceSmile!

Allot of my friends have been giving me ideas and questions to ask FORD and I love it. If it wasn’t for them I would be lost since I’m not a mom nor do I drive daily (yes, I’m a city girl). I’ve also had a hand full of friends that said I should have gone to Malibu and drive go karts for practice.

Off to Detroit I go- why is 8 mile in my head? Follow my journey on @cutegeek, @nrpena,,,and FB.