Favorite Website of the Week: Doodle.com

Why am I just finding out about this? How have its awesome users not sent me a link?? I am the biggest event planner in my world - maybe not yours, but in my mine, hell yea...and I'm always struggling to organize events with my friends because they're super cool, smart, amazing, ambitious and...busy. I am currently trying to organize a "Ladies Night" for me and my ladies and after about 37 'reply all' emails, my beautiful friend EL sent out a doodle link - haha, sounds funny right??

Well, she did and boy will it make our event, and my future events run more smoothly.

Doodlers - why didn't you tell me sooner?? This has been around for years and I had nooooo idea. It's super easy to use, very intuitive, syncs to almost every email client and it's free.