Favorite Website of the Week: UrbanGirlSquad.com

Boy am I glad I live in NYC and it is not because of our attractive athletes or incredible shopping...it's because of the opportunities that exist here, especially for women, created by women. The Urban Girl Squad is an organization that strives to give women the opportunity to meet other women, while doing really cool out-of-your-ordinary activities. I loved the site because it says its networking without collecting business cards and actually CONNECTING. Sign me up! They have events tailored around food, music, dancing, physical fitness, fashion, networking, etc.

This FREE social network is for women in their 20's (55%) and 30's (40&), who are interested in sharing a key to the city with a bunch of cool women. While these are not requirements, many of the Urban Girls are single (82%) and have a college degree or higher (about 92%) - talk about the perfect group of ladies to want to meet!

I feel so lucky to have been introduced to this site - I am very much looking forward to meeting new ladies and experiencing some new things this wonderful city has to offer!