Interested in TechnOrganizing?

Well if you are - TechnOrganizing: 6 Principles to Enhance Our Relationship with our Technology is a call that is taking place tonight that I just HAD to share with everyone. Who isn't tired of all their tech? Or maybe overwhelmed by the number of email accounts they have to manage? Or maybe you have chargers coming out of the wazoo at your place??

I know I can nod and put my hand up for some of those - if you feel the same way, then please check out hosts weekly 1 hour calls on Sunday - to help you start your work week off right. Yesterday, I just so happened to be blessed with meeting its creator, Jullien Gordon, and ironically enough - tonight's topic is right up's alleys!

I hope you all take advantage of this FREE opportunity to learn some new insights in how we can enhance our usage of our technology. I know I will!