id America Calligraphic Leopard Case for iPhone 4-NINA CERTIFIED

caseAs most of you know I am a royal but graceful klutz. My first E3 with cutegeek I had a sprained ankle and even then Radiris was worried I could injure myself further. Where am I going with this? I drop my iPhone 4 at least once a day so cases are crucial for my iPhone’s survival.I feel as though it says help every time it goes into my purse. When I first got an email to review a Leopard case I immediately flashed back to the Dave Chappelle’s show skit “It’s Leopard.” I had no idea on the color they would ship or much about the case. I have utilizing cheap plastic cases that have not been cutting it. I was curious and when my purple leopard case from id America arrived I was impressed. IMG_2919

The texture is a rubberized coating on the outer shell of the case which improves grip but it also has a soft touch. The case is 19.95 on line and to be honest at first I thought who would pay for a case until I received this one. It comes with a lens wipe and protector as well and it was simple to snap on to my phone. I have dropped my phone, immersed in water by accident (not by choice),and left it in a hot car. I am convinced this case is not destructible. Cheers to id America for making a case that is truly Nina certified. Click here to purchase this case and stay tuned for E3 updates as it gets closer!