The Power of Technology & Your Social Network

I'm not sure how fast the news spreads across the country or world, but this past weekend NYC suffered a terrible accident. A minivan with 7 passengers, 3 generations of a Dominican family died in a car crash in the Bronx. As a Dominican American - my network consists of many Latinos, many college graduates and many people who share newsworthy articles and links - so anything affecting Dominicans comes my way, one way or another. Yesterday, one of my first times on Facebook in a long time, the topic on my newsfeed was this my surprise, people in my network knew the family - from church, school, fraternity, etc. It hurts when you hear about bad things happening, but even more when you know people close to you are suffering. It was impossible to not watch news clips of the family, for example, the well spoken son Jonel Gonzalez, and not shed a tear or cringe from the thought of how he must feel.

But with all tragedies, some good should be found - there is always some light at the end of the tunnel. Jonel is a recent brother (as of April 10) of the Latino fraternity called Lambda Upsilon Lambda (LUL) and through the power of their network, of technology and simply, human compassion - support for this family is growing at exponential rates. Whether it is sharing an article to spread the news, or emailing the link to send donations to the family, the impact is phenomenal, and just one of the many ways that you can never take your network forgranted - regardless if its on Facebook, at work, or on a basketball court.

Kudos to La Unidad Latina for their support and initiative in raising funds for this family and a big thank you to all that have used technology to spread, share or contribute to the information/opportunities available at the tips of your fingertips.

Contribute to the Gonzales family fund. Information about the accident. More on the accident from CNN Learn more about LUL.