iPhone 4 Fav Apps

I have been busy fund raising for the CCFA walk in San Francisco 6/9 and became a team captain. This is why I heart the iPhone 4; I have a funding raising tool app for my walk Team Nina’s Nincompoops through the Take Steps mobile app. It keeps me updated and organized for the walk! I ended up downloading the MS Messenger due to the fact I have had a hotmail account since 1997…yeah that ages me but no matter how much I try to get rid of it people know me from it therefore I downloaded the MS Messenger app and I use it daily since I forward all emails to that account anyhow…Why I have no idea…Loyalty?

It’s baseball season and well LET’S GO GIANTS! I got the MLB iPhone App so I can keep tabs on my boys the SF Giants because we need to win! Admittedly after I watched Moneyball I have a soft spot for the Oakland A’s so if the Giants aren’t playing I am watching them. This app keeps me in the know of the games and also quickly lets me buy tickets. Again where was I before the iPhone Apps?!

Ringtones app is another one I love and makes me chuckle daily. I swear the free ringtones alone will entertain you for hours or maybe just me…I’ve gone Robin Hood style on my ringtones as I would refer to it. Each tone has a trumpet or horn that expresses the importance of the text, email or facebook post.

I recently sent one of my pals a pimp-my-text message and I think I blew her mind! Another fun free App to utilize to through anyone off or surprise someone!

Get the Evite app! No explanation needed! If you ask you then you don’t know. I did my first yelp post from my iPhone as well for a local restaurant and felt pretty cool.

Please inform me of any apps you think I would enjoy to test out.