Happy 42nd Earth Day

If anyone is near the Big Apple - you may be wondering if Mother Earth is crying her eyes out, or crying tears of joy today. Today marks the 42nd year that Earth Day is celebrated. While some argue that we should make everyday Earth Day, it is still a nice reminder to have this one day to show us things that we can do.

As of today, Philips has started selling their 10 Watt L Prize-Pro LED A19 Dimmable 2700k light bulb - expected to last over 20 years, save money and a lot of energy consumption. The price of the bulb will vary by location because many utilities are providing rebates and Home Depot is currently selling it for only $49.97

Last week, at Pepcom's Annual EcoFocus event, I met a lot of new companies that are striving to improve and encourage sustainability amongst all ages. An interesting, and very fun campaign is 'Littering is Wrong Too'. This campaign is highlighting wrongs that we're all aware of (like drunk texting...that was the 'wrong' that I contributed). It is a very fun way to help keep America beautiful by understanding and acknowledging that littering is wrong.

The wonderful city that I live in, aka the Big Apple, has a lot of different initiatives going on, helping us become more green and some have started saying we're going to be the Big Granny Smith :) get it??

Happy Earth Day everyone...and in Barney's voice...clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere...clean up, clean up, everybody do your share.

GeneralNina Pena