Nina’s fav free iPhone 4 apps this week…

I went to play in the apple app store again before my trip to LA and downloaded every free app I could find to occupy my long drive to LA. I have always been able to make myself laugh at my own imagination however owning an iPhone 4 has enlightened my entertainment horizons. First why the heck was I driving to LA? Last minute trip to see my cousin’s band Schwarzenator play at the Viper room. As any reasonable techy I downloaded Kayak and started checking out flights and also hotel deals. In minutes I had results and realized driving was my only option due to poor planning (totally my fault). I loved how quickly the Kayak app worked and also schooled me…j/k.

I downloaded some games most of which I did not use but one of them is a blast. I love me some skee-ball and though my highest score in bowling has been under 100 I enjoy the sport…it’s about the experience! I downloaded Xenocade which has HYPER STRIKE or ULTRA RAMP. I learned two things I still suck at bowling even digitally and still rock in skee-ball!

Another game I downloaded was Draw Something Free OMGPOP. One of my friends sent me my first draw free request and it was hilarious and I didn’t get it at first b/c my parents didn’t school me on the Bon Jovi. It read “I’m a cowboy on a steel horse I ride”…all I had to do is type Bon Jovi and yet I didn’t know it.

While on my journey to LA we encountered rain, snow and drove through a rainbow. I downloaded the weather channel app b/c one day I tried to check the weather just using my iPhone weather app and it was off. In fact I got laughed at b/c it literally said it was 13 degrees outside and when I looked out my window it was sunny and not snowing plus it’s San Francisco. I texted one of my pals locally and asked dude is it really 13 degrees outside and the response was “LOL no.” This warranted me to get the Weather Channel app which I utilize daily.

Still on my journey to LA the highway went to a dead halt. Certainly there is an app for traffic in California especially in LA and there is. I downloaded while on the road the CHP traffic app that you can get on the California Highway Patrol website. It gives you pretty accurate information on traffic delays and has a map to inform you when you will be out of traffic misery.

What I am about to say makes me feel like an adult but I downloaded the Wellsfargo app. I know it’s not a game but ease of use is nice and these days we all need to keep a good eye on our bank accounts with fraud being easier to happen. This is another app I use almost daily.

While I’m on the feeling adult moment I also got the New York Times app; a girls got to stay on top of her tech news and USA today wasn’t enough. I just need to turn off all the alerts because at times I am getting news overload!

I also have began to read books on my phone which I think may decrease my vision. Currently I downloaded Great Expectations to my iBook book shelf and quickly got bored therefore I moved on to a much better book…10 Fun things to do with your Microwave. I love the first thing on the table of contents “Will it blow up? What can we stick in? Microwave Night at MITERS.”

Dictionary word of the day reminds me of my childhood BFF who had to read the dictionary daily while I ate all the yummy fried food her mom made (don’t judge the fry daddy is a great invention). It also reminds me of Pee Wee but it’s doubtful any will utilize the words of the day they send in an average day- needs to be provoked I supposeSad smile. I still enjoy my word of the day alerts and use the thesaurus every once in a while.

Lastly my newest discovery is the Evernote app which for me who has been an Executive Assistant for 10 years wonders where have I been without this tool? I use the voice recording tool for reminders for my day. Sometimes I pull a bazinga on myself earlier in the day while recording and tell a joke in the middle of my note reminding which makes me instantly laugh.

I have many more apps I have downloaded so stay tuned and HAPPY HUMP DAY!