Skype-a blessing in our lives or a potential curse?

Skype has been around for years and its been on the map even before Microsoft bought them. I never used it though because if I was webcaming I did it through Windows Messenger. As texting raged across the world, even if it was only mine, the convenience of not plugging in to say something won the battle with the webcams - that and being able to take a picture and send it less than a minute later. Skype was big amongst my international friends, but since I went abroad in 2007 - MSN was enough to chat with my then partner, despite the ocean between us.

Most recently, a tech savvy prospect, encouraged me to Skype. I thought nothing of it, but if you can think about those 'tingles' new people in your life give you, I'd like to say having a pokerface is mandatory to skype. Unlike Lady Gaga, I have no pokerface. None whatsoever. You make me blush? You'll see make me uncomfortable? You'll see it...

Which brings me to the point of Skype is freaking awesome! I wish i used more of it when my life consisted of barely being home, and always being on the road. It provides the comfort of seeing a smile, instead of just hearing one on the phone. It brings your loved ones to your fingertips, or about 20 inches, depending on how you have your phone or screen positioned.

Now while that is all fine and dandy I'd love to bring to light an issue that hasn't been quite 'out there' so to say. We've all heard of phone sex, 'sexting', even cyber sex but what about Skypey-time (Borat voice).

What happens when you're Skyping with a loved one, not necessarily sending explicit messages, or pictures but you're in pajamas, hanging out in bed. Would you want those pictures out there? Probably not.

Be very conscious of who you 'bring' into your personal space, because on top of seeing your body, they can see where you live and maybe other important things you are not aware of.

Another cool thing about technology is that you can multitask, you can be in the middle of a conversation, while typing up a paper, creating a PowerPoint, or even creating a collage of pictures. Pictures can easily be captured through Skype by a plethora but one of the easiest that comes to mind is the Print Screen features most PCs have.

Like the way you look in that cami? Well I hope you don't mind someone having a picture of you in that cami, because they can, if you're skyping with them.

While technology can serve as a blessing to the lives of many, it can also be detrimental to others, if misused. Please educate those around you, especially teens, who tend to live in the now. I was there, I know what its like to feel invisible, but it is important that we all know the benefits and risks of using video capabilities on your phone or your PC.

On a brighter note, Skype is a great tool to use to study with people. A friend offered the option this week and since then I've been amazed on how technology really is making my life easier.