Intuit Credit Card Swipe for a good cause…

I saw the Intuit ad online and thought why not for the cure of Crohn’s and Colitis Next Steps walk for the cure fund raising?! The intuit credit card swipe is an amazing iPhone tool and app plus it works on Android as well.

The set up was pretty simple. I downloaded the app on my iPhone 4 and created a user account once I got my free credit card swipe in the mail. It connects to your 3.5 mm jack and requires no set up- just plug that sucker in. After downloading the app and plugging it in it was ready to go!

Next you will get a credit card in the mail for your Intuit account which again was simple. It’s a visa card and usable just like a credit card. I created my account online and BOOM I made my first swipe! My aunt for the cure of Crohn’s and Colitis Next Steps walk sent me a check in the mail therefore I cashed it and used the Intuit for the first time for my fund raising account.

OMG it was totally cool to charge your card on your phone…this could be dangerous…or fun but ease of use for this product is amazing…plus you can use this for fund raising which it has an app for.

Sweet deal, great for fund raising and cool to just bust out when your friends can’t front the bill…

Friend:”oh I’m sorry I don’t have cash”

You: “No problem I have my Intuit credit card swipe should I include your portion on the tip?”

Friend: (speechless and dumbfounded)

All in all this is being used for a good cause and I love it!