Nina’s top 10 iPhone Apps for now…

I have to be honest I have been using smartphones with Web OS or Windows for so long when I got the iPhone I geeked out on the apps. I went crazy in the free apps store; I was like a kid in a candy store. Chloe was a tad confused on all the odd noises mommy’s (me) phone makes and continues to be confused. Rightfully so one of my favorite apps is Pocket Whip. I have no idea why this makes me chuckle but just shaking my phone for the sound effect of a whip is hilarious. Chloe each time looks at me very confused and I have a feeling I cannot use this app at restaurants or bars just so there is no spit in my foodSmile.

My favorite website is facebook as you all know. Having that app has been awesome posting pictures, status and where I check in. The updates are also great; that commercial “That was so 4 seconds ago,” is me telling Marco. LOL!

For those in the city or for those who take road trips this app is perfect and free! GasBuddy app helps you locate inexpensive gas nearest to you. Sadly I went to high school when gas was .97 and now to pay over 4.00 the GasBuddy app helps me find the best solution for inexpensive gas on the go.

I took over 5 years of Spanish and to this day unless I am submersed in the Spanish language for over a week I am literally a deer in headlights when anyone speaks Spanish to me…and I’m Mexican! So to help me learn the language I got the Google Translate App. It’s pretty cool I just spoke into my phone and it translated it to Spanish or French or maybe Mandarin. I shall never be at a loss for words again!

CameraAwesomePhotoAs I continued my journey of downloading as many free apps known to man I stumbled upon Camera Awesome by Smugmug. Ironically the polite folks at Smugmug asked me to review it after I downloaded it via cutegeek email. I can honestly say I haven’t had much experience with it yet but I have been playing around with it and my favorite feature is the instant touch to take a picture and it looks amazing. I’m still toying with this though I think this picture I just took says it all- AWESOME!

I literally own about 5 different glosses due to the fact that I loose them to the giant abyss of my purses or the fact that I change them all the time. The Flashlight app has been a blessing for locating items in my purse or finding my glasses. My Husband downloaded this for me embarrassingly…enough said.

While we are on the topic of me loosing items I decided to also update and install Find iPhone just in case I would loose my phone again in the abyss of my purseSmile. It’s a great feature and helpful for those who may leave their phone at another location. In my experience as an Executive Assistant I can vouch and say that every phone should have this feature.

USA Today app I had to download even though the news depresses me in a world where technology moves quickly and news continues to change by the second it was necessary.  At this point I thought well heck I guess I need the NY times as well which I downloaded to my iPhone newsstand.

Here in San Francisco you never know if it will be cool, cold or abnormally hot. Here is when my The weather channel app helps me out daily. Free download and usability is easy.

I have yet to use this but I think it is the coolest app for anyone who has become a fanatical like myself with the iPhone…Voxer Walkie Talkie. Since I’m from Texas I had to check this out; downloading was easy now I just need other pals who want to to Voxer with meSmile.

Favorite List (in no particular order):

  1. Pocket Whip
  2. Facebook
  3. GasBuddy
  4. Google Translate
  5. Smugmug
  6. Flashlight app
  7. Find iPhone
  8. USA Today App/ NY Times Newsstand
  9. The Weather Channel
  1. Voxer Walkie talkie