Beware of Ugly Trend on YouTube

Remember Hot or Not? Well imagine hearing what someone thought about your appearance on the spot, via scary right?

Not scary because of how you look, but scary because of the pure evil that exists out there.

I recently came across an article on Jezebel (click here to read more) that exhibited this nasty new trend hitting YouTube. It's a bunch of teenagers asking to be rated - mostly young women.  The responses their videos get, along with their hits is astonishing. It is astonishing and simply devastating.

Imagine being a blossoming young person, in that awkward stage that toddlers go through, where certain limbs or body parts are too big for the rest of you, or where those massive intruders called pimples are Occupying Your Face. These comments are detrimental to the development of these young people and we have to spread the word that being thin, fat, skinny, short, tall, blonde, brunette, blue eyed, brown eyed, curly haired, straight haired, etc. is all beautiful and that we're all different and should embrace it.

Unfortunately, beauty, like fashion, is sometimes driven by what we see on TV or through other forms of media. It does not mean its what beauty is.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - yes, I agree with that, but what made me beautiful to one person, is not the case to another.  As a young woman who also endured the joy of growing up with people who 'didn't look like me', I too have struggled with my own definition of beauty, but looks fade and intelligence doesn't (at least at a much slower rate), so why not try to beautify your mind - something the media, or YouTube commentators can't take away, or break down.  Some education may do the world of ignorance some good.

It's not easy, and it's not always fun, but man, its life. It's growing up. I have an inspiration in my life and her name just so happens to be Mariely Garcia and she is trying to combat this - this low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence tearing our youth apart. Her project is called Perfectly Made, and as soon as it is complete I will post so much about it because we need things like it and other positive endeavors to cause ripples of mass-sharing through our social networks.  We can't continue contributing to the negativity we are innocuously being exposed to. We need to remind ourselves and others that we are perfectly made, regardless of the opinion of someone.

Listen to some truth, thanks to Perfectly Made & The Future Project for inspiring Mariely. is a supporter of Perfectly Made, The Future Project and the war against how beauty is defined.

(Thanks to this site for the picture - one day we'll all be as happy when we look in the mirror)