The Lorax Mustache You A Question!!

March 2nd: The Great Dr. Seuss' birthday AND the release of The Lorax! Looking for a way to celebrate with your kids?! Download The Official Lorax App for Android and iPhones, and turn yourself and your friends into The Lorax himself!

The app has two main features. The first gives you the ability to hold your phone in front of your mouth, and as you talk a full-screen Lorax mouth moves along with your words. It’s great fun. You can sing songs, tell stories, or even read along with Dr. Seuss as he tells the tale of The Lorax!

The other exciting and fun feature lets you give yourself and your friends The Lorax mustache. You can hold your camera in front of someone’s face, adjust the size and placement of the mustache, and then take a picture. You can also place The Lorax mustache over an image you already have on your device.

Sharing the fun with friends is super simple. The Lorax app gives you the ability to post your fun image directly to Facebook or Twitter. Users can also share their images with their friends and family with the Postcardin’ feature. The Lorax app comes with two free Postcardin’ shares.

Download it today. Get in on the fun. Stache your friends. Stache your family. Stache yourself.

And did I mention The Lorax app is free?!


GeneralCecilia Daclan