The Gift of Pandora One

I was gifted with the Pandora One and now that I have my iPhone 4 I wonder how I survived without it?! Those that know me well know I am a goof ball-I have a Pandora Kris Kross station and the humiliation does not stop there…I have an 80’s station and an NKOTB station… To be honest this is one of the best gifts (not for all girls dudes) as music to me is the best way to escape or reminisce when life was simple. Usability was not only simple but being able to skip the BS with no commercials was a major plus! Below are the specs; if your chick is like me she will love this!

Pandora One

For a yearly payment of $36, Pandora listeners can upgrade to a Pandora One account. The benefits of Pandora One are: • All advertising removed • Access to the Pandora One Desktop App, which functions independently of a browser window • Higher Quality Audio - Listen to Pandora at 192 KBps on the web or in the Desktop App • Increased number of skips - The 12 skip per day limit is removed (the 6 skips per station per hour limit remains) • Custom skins - Surround the Pandora tuner with a range of designs