Ah, Reboot, Le freak, c'est chic…

ATT Imagine your all snuggled your in your bed with a cold/ flu buzzed on Theraflu or Nyquil and all you want to do is watch TV and forget you have 102 fever…and then an error message comes on your cable channel. There is now no cable and and since your motor skills aren’t as on target (remember you are on Nyquil/ Theraflu) what do you do at 2am? Or what if you’re a mom and right in the middle of the kiddo’s cartoons when this error occurs? I am guessing a lot of tantrums and confusion would end up occurring? I know I don’t have kids but I have younger brothers and I know for a fact this would not fly with them when they were younger.

I, on the other hand, blankly stared at the screen thinking maybe it will fix itself in my Nyquil state thinking are these instructions serious? Who has time especially for all those Mom’s and Dad’s out there who have toddlers running around have time to take action to all these steps. It reminded me of this song I use to sing in any office I worked in when we had the blue screen (ironic) of death…

”Ah, Reboot, Le freak, c'est chic.”

I have to admit the first time I would say this people would laugh but anyone else tries to make it theirs not so much…I have witnessed itSmile. Glad to know 10 years after I created this little song from the 70’s disco song “Ah, Reboot, Le freak, c'est chic” IT still asks you: “Did you try to reboot?” I always reply with a sarcastic remark.

I resolved the problem by yes rebooting. There should just be one sentence-let’s not complicate something as simple as cable. “You have reached the blue screen of death please reboot and if the problem continues please call yada yada”. Easy right?

At 2am on Nyquil 5 steps just seems excessive. Who has time and brain capacity to check cables and play the reboot game?