What a Cute Geek wants for Valentines Day

With Valentines day right around the corner, I decided to make a guide on what we would love to get for Valentines day. Please don’t call 1800-Flowers, or send me chocolates, and while a teddy bear would be nice, I really want technology and things to better use the technology I have. Flowers die, chocolate gets devoured and end up on my thighs, but my technology last a full TWO months until a new version comes out - I kid, I kid. I had a bit of trouble on deciding on how many items to include in this short guide, but after the oh so wonderful win tonight (Go Giants!) I decided to just put 4 items - to highlight how much we won by...

250x270_1First on the list is my new favorite toy, the Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile. It took some getting use too but I love it and think it would be a great device for everyone. It’s available in Black and White, only at T-Mobile, and for just $39.99. (Must note that price is with a 2 year contract.)

Windows Phone is blowing my mind, and if you’d like to see some cool videos on Windows Phone, check out the Smoked by Windows Phone Videos on Youtube.

nutouchgloves_gall11Next on the list, will help me and you use our touchscreen phones in these winter months, and it’s the NuTouch Gloves from New Tech. Gisselle from CuteGeek en Espanol reviewed and loved the gloves. I need a pair!

The NuTouch Gloves allow you to interact with a touchscreen device with out having to take your gloves off. The finger tips of the gloves are made in a way to allow the electricity in your body to transfer to the screen, as that’s what allows you to work with a capacitive touchscreen device.The Gloves cost $19.99 and are available at NewerTech.com.


How do you show someone you have their back? Give them a Powerbag.  Powerbags are a fairly new brand to have hit the market and they make extraordinary backpacks and messenger bags.  Why do I love it? Because you can charge your gadgets in the bag and because it is extremely comfortable to wear.  The way the weight is distributed really makes it comfortable, especially when carrying a laptop that is literally larger than life.  If you care about your cute geek's body, specifically her back, and her posture and the fact that she probably wears some sexy heels to work - show her you want to take that burden off her back by giving her this bag.  I've found the best deal on Amazon.com . The bags are over 100 but they are worth it. I promise.

Last but surely not least, while Vday is about showing love because - well, because Hallmark says you have to,  I think we should strive to show love, even when you're not being directed to...so - my top gift is a We-Vibe 3. Why? Because how else can you ensure the lucky recipient always has a smile on her face? You really can't, but I can almost guarantee gifting a We-Vibe III will be the ultimate smile provider - despite your presence there or somewhere else. BTW - the We-Vibe III/3 ranges in price - typically around $120. It comes with a very handy, discrete carrying case that also serves as its charger (wonderful idea). It also comes with a remote, for those creative folks, who like to flip the script here and there. While it is pricey, an almost equal equivalent is the We-Vibe II (which I reviewed). You can get it for about half its price but it only comes with a satin pouch to carry your gadget in. Either way - they are both winners in my life, and I"m sure in the lives of who receives it.

Happy Valentine's Day Month...may we continue showing each other love - even when February is over.