Favorite Website of the Week: Priceline.com

Priceline.com has been around for a long time, and everyone knows 'its' face – and probably even the voice behind it.  I have started using it religiously because the savings are unbelievable.  From cars, to hotels, to even flights – the savings are sprinkled all throughout the site and the ‘Name Your Own Price’ feature blows away the competition.  I really enjoy using Priceline.com and feel like it’s worth mentioning because Kayak.com and other flight search sites do not always show all of the airlines, for example, jetblue.com.  Using Priceline.com I am able to see more flights and there are no fees associated with booking trips through it.

I started using Priceline.com so much recently that I even applied (and got accepted) for their Visa Rewards credit card.  My most recent travel plans consisted of a $17 car rental in Puerto Rico, $20 car rental in New York City, $50 4 star hotel in the Dominican Republic and much more.  I have yet to buy a flight using the name your own price feature because you're required to have a lot of flexibility.  You are able to choose the dates you want to travel, but you are unaware of the times of travel, until after your price is accepted.  It's a good deal if you have the time, but if not, just save your money on the other aspects of your trip.

Check out Priceline.com for your latest travel needs – especially if your plans are flexible and you are not commited to one car or hotel brand.