Tips To Start 2012 With a Big Bang

During my vacation, while laying poolside, I went through a ton of magazines and I picked a couple of articles that were worth sharing with our CuteGeeks.  Cosmo had a fun read regarding how to step up your life this new year using a couple of strategies. Here is the list, many are self-explanatory so I’ll save the fluff for the magazine:

  1. Make your passwords work for you – change them to reflect goals
  2. Turn off the TV during dinner
  3. Send a card
  4. Lock down a romance ritual
  5. Force something for 15 minutes – cleaning your closet, dusting your shelves
  6. Make a teeny-tiny resolution – it’ll increase willpower
  7. Create a vision board
  8. Move the crap out of your bedroom
  9. Look forward to your commute
  10. Change your desktop screensaver regularly
  11. Get it on in the a.m. 12. Stare temptation in the face
  12. Ask: What would ROLEMODEL A do? (in the mag they used Taylor Swift or Adele or Beyonce)
  13. Only eat food on a plate
  14. Pay for everything in cash
  15. Pop a mint
  16. Write a letter from your future self
  17. Have a friend do the dirty work
  18. Agree to a random date
  19. Establish a rule

If you’re interested in learning more about these things – check out January's Cosmo - or go on their site and read some of their other tips at . I tried searching for the article and it is not posted, so email me if you want the details, I took a picture of it.

Here are a few extra recommendations that I have, that I am currently doing:

  1. Turn off text notifications to avoid unnecessary distractions throughout the day (9 days going strong!)
  2. Smile at strangers
  3. Call people for their birthdays
  4. Send random postcards to friends
  5. Read a book a month
  6. Buy no books and borrow more from the library
  7. Save 10% of each paycheck for ‘play’ money (You should always payyourself first)
  8. Pay off all credit cards in full each month
  9. Start a vacation fund (get money deducted directly from your checking account)
  10. Start a Christmas fund
  11. Open up an account on
  12. Read or blog during my ride to work
  13. Have a monthly date
  14. Block out a day a week for no commitments – Me Time
  15. Drink vitamins every day

These are all fun things you can do to start a new year on a different foot. Good luck – feel free to share any of the things you’re doing in the comments below.