Coolest Travel Charger Yet

I've always thought that cell phones, iPhones, and the like should automatically stop charging when the battery is full. Why? Because it would preserve your battery for a longer time and your gadget would have a longer life span. This year at CES my dream is coming true, well in a way...

The folks at Bracketron created something called a Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger.

The charger automatically senses when your device is fully charged and cuts off the power! They aren't available yet. The official unveiling of the Travel Charger is this week at CES.

The product is intended on being planet friendly, so we don't waste electricity and at the same time we save on our utility bills.  Personally, I think this is great for both the earth as well as extending the lives of our beloved products! I know that I'm definitely guilty of leaving my phone charging overnight...which is MUCH longer than it requires to be plugged in. I need one ...NEED one of these... or 3 of them... ;-)

Would you use the Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger?