Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I went on a much need overseas vacation, where I had limited access to technology so I am here with so many things to blog about. First off, many may have noticed that we did not have giveaways during the holidays - we wanted to give you all the opportunity to get the gift-giving and shopping out of your system.  We will have contests coming up in the next couple of weeks, to help you protect those shiny gadgets you received over the holidays.

Every where you turn people are talking about their new year's resolutions - the top ones are usually around losing weight, saving money, managing money, smoking, new jobs, etc.  CuteGeek.com has been working real hard on uncovering applications that help, services available thanks to technology, and just random information to get us all on the right path to a better year.

We will be writing about websites to use to save money, how to improve your credit and where to periodically check how it is doing, how to work out with a virtual trainer, tips for financial planning in this market, best times to shop, upcoming holidays this year and how to mentally/financially prepare, vacations, applications for your phones, etc.  We will also continue reviewing products, introducing the cool stuff at CES, etc.  This year I am not attending CES but will keep abreast of all of its happenings thanks to some friends that are traveling to Vegas this year.

We wanted to start the new year with a new brilliant woman in tech, but due to the vacations and conflicting schedules we were unable to.  I decided, although some may think it is narcisstic, to answer all of the questions myself.  Why? Because many people do not know who I am, where I am from/going, and why CuteGeek.com was started.  I also hope others are encouraged to recommend some brilliant women in technology.

Happy New Year everyone!