Work-it, Walk it Girlfriend.

Happy New Year Cutegeeks!

Some of you may believe in new year resolutions, because it gives you an opportunity, or the illusion of starting fresh. Many folks make resolutions to  loose some extra pounds, or something to a similar effect. If you're one of those people, don't do it for the pounds, to it for your quality of life, energy, and to live longer!

Watch this video from Lifehacker: A Half-Hour Walk Can Make a Big Difference, Even If It's Your Only Activity

The video was made by a doctor who is passionate about preventive care. His main point is, go on a walk, get up and move for 30 minutes. Why? Because out of everything else you can do for your health, mild activity shows the most improvement for everything from diabetes, dimensia, and decreases bone fractures (because you're making your muscles stronger which make your bones stronger).

He also mentions how even if your activity doesn't cause you to loose weight, exercising regardless will boost your life expectancy!

So go on, get some comfy shoes on and "walk like an eqyptiaaaaaan".